Winner of ETH India 2020 DApp Jedi Hackathon. First ever Tokenisation of Data Dynamics Feeds as NFTs. Also consist of a Stream Swap between ERC721 and ERC20. Atomic Token Swap between two type of Tokens – Fusion Token and Fractal Token. A Dynamic DAO using Starkware Veedo Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF) governs the Token Swap. Please visit our GitHub repository for further details on code and concept.


Winner of Binance Prize in the ETH Punk 2021. Privacy Preserving & Real Time Randomness Powered Skill Streaming Social Token Marketplace using ERC20, ERC 721, ERC 1620, ERC 1724 Specifications.


A Digital Dispute Resolution Framework for Online Sports Sector Powered by Ethereum Engineering Ecosystem. ERC 1155 for Resolution Reserve Tokens. ERC 721 for Resolution Reward Tokens. ERC 721 Fractional NFT for Resolution Risk Tokens. Time Locks and Time Delays for Fractional NFT.


First Prize Winner of Hack the Horizon Bridge Hackathon in Gitcoin organized by Harmony Protocol. Zero Knowledge Proof based Proof System for Cross Chain Interoperability with Harmony Protocol and Ethereum Protocol on Horizon Bridge

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