Semiott is a Social Business Platform incubated by Gigamesh Garage Ventures with a focus on creating coherent and convergent solutions for privacy preserving and fairness focused needs of digital economy in context of collaborative and coherent distributed decentralised ledger systems.

Semiott is evolving as a Decentralised and Dynamic Social Enterprise for Digital Transformation of Micro Economies and Micro Enterprises. Following are the flagship products and platforms from Semiott Systems.

Protocols & Platforms

  • ConcertNet – Dynamic Data Fusion Apps on Polygon Network
  • VerityNet – Micro Finance Accountability Apps on Polygon Network
  • RheaNet – Dynamic Dispute Resolution Apps on Polygon Network
  • TerrainNet – Climate Change Governance DAO on Polygon Network
  • RookNet – Ancient Chess Tokenisation on Polygon Network
  • MoorNet – Cross Chain Convergent Apps on Cosmos Network
  • AeonNet – Trade Time Tokenisation on Aeternity Network

Semiott is also a platform for engineering software systems for clients across the spectrum of decentralised finance and distributed ledgers. Following are the services offered by Semiott Systems. Semiott team has more than two decades of experience in information technology systems and services and more than five years of deep experience in Blockchain Technology Implementation and Innovation Consulting for Public Sector and Private Sector clients across the world.

Blockchain Business Consulting

  • Decentralisation Strategy Consulting
  • Decentralisation Management Consulting
  • Decentralisation Architecture Consulting
  • Decentralisation Design Consulting
  • Decentralisation Operational Consulting

Blockchain Technology Consulting

  • Blockchain Technology Architecture Consulting
  • Blockchain Technology Implementation Consulting
  • Blockchain Application Innovation Consulting
  • Blockchain Application Security Consulting
  • Blockchain Application Performance Consulting


Co-Founder & CEO – Gokul Alex
Co-Founder & COO – Amritha Antony
Co-Founder & CTO – Rohan Thomas

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