Semiotic Streams – A Prelude

Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

Semantic web was a surreal system of recurrent record systems enmeshed in the currents of code and content. Semiotic web is building its on baseline over the mainstream internet ever since its inception. Semiotics is emerging as a formidable symbol system for the ephemeral ensembles of decentralized distributed ledger systems. A stellar system of sublime symbols is in search of specters and specimens. How does current internet revolves around the chaotic carnivals of cluttered coins of internet. The glyph and gloss of aggregated architectures make semiotic web a recurrent network manifestation of mazes and masses!

Published by gokulbalex

IT Architect and Innovation Consultant based out of the lush green landscape of Kerala. Passionate about poetry and colors. Curious about the developments in business, economy and technology. I spend time with family and internet of things !

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