Symbiosis of Sciences & Systems for Succinct Social Transformation.

Semiott is a Financial Engineering Framework powered by cryptography, crypto-physics, and crypto-economics to build fair, factual and fast coins, currencies, channels, collections and collaterals.

What is Semiott Streams?

A Dynamic and Decentralised Data Digitisation framework for integrating financial and factual assets from cyber and physical systems.

Semiott have been used to assess and analyse stablecoins such as AMPLEFORTH, FRAX etc.

Semiott team is currently working on the next generation of non fungible assets and their valuation through crypto-physical and crypto-economic benchmarks.

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Semiotic Streams – A Prelude

Semantic web was a surreal system of recurrent record systems enmeshed in the currents of code and content. Semiotic web is building its on baseline over the mainstream internet ever since its inception. Semiotics is emerging as a formidable symbol system for the ephemeral ensembles of decentralized distributed ledger systems. A stellar system of sublimeContinue reading “Semiotic Streams – A Prelude”

Semiott is a Rational Realm!

Semiott is the emergence of an enchanting and enterprising realm in the entangled times of tiresome truncations and turbulence. We are aiming an anti fragile architecture for the world wide web of static and dynamic processes, things and pragmatics. We are inviting bright and bold talents to join us in Semiott Society to contribute toContinue reading “Semiott is a Rational Realm!”

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Mark Twain

Velocity, Volume, Veracity Curves

Semiott Streams generates Veracity, Volume, Velocity curves from the time series data analysis of the assets time locked through multi party computation and verifiable space time sequencing machines. Our time series analysis approach is powered by an integration of inverted fast Fourier transforms indexed by bidirectional bloom filters and sparse merkle trees.

Velocity Volume Curves (above)