Symbiosis of Sciences & Systems for Succinct Social Transformation.

Semiott Systems is an aggregator and accelerator for building products and platforms powered by Distributed Ledgers, Decentralised Finance and Dynamic Data Oracles

What is the Semiott Stablecoin?

A Multi-dimensional VDF Powered Time-Locks with Quadratic Funding and Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Semiott creates a unique combination of cryptography, crypto-physics, and crypto-economics to make stablecoins resilient and reflexive.

Semiott Stablecoin stands out from the rest.

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Semiott is a Rational Realm!

Semiott is the emergence of an enchanting and enterprising realm in the entangled times of tiresome truncations and turbulence. We are aiming an anti fragile architecture for the world wide web of static and dynamic processes, things and pragmatics. We are inviting bright and bold talents to join us in Semiott Society to contribute toContinue reading “Semiott is a Rational Realm!”

The Genesis of Money!

Money and Markets are one of the most complex inventions of humanity. Even the most primitive and primordial societies have been using money and mnemonic quite passionately. It is quite a daunting task to dig deeper into the origins and ontologies of money as it is deeply embedded in our understanding of the value ofContinue reading “The Genesis of Money!”

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Mark Twain

Using volume velocity curves of the pegged asset in question. We derive a simple slice of the radius of monetary velocity of the asset on a certain parameter of time that is then inputed into our quadratic time-weighted average price.

Velocity Volume Curves (above)